` Representative Pat Haddad
State Representative
Patricia A. Haddad

The 5th Bristol House Legislative District

The Fifth Bristol House Legislative District includes the towns of Dighton and Somerset, voting precincts 1, 2 and 3 in the town of Swansea and ward 6 in the city of Taunton.

The district is located along Massachusetts’ South Coast and runs mainly North-South bounded by the Taunton River. Starting in Taunton’s Weir Village Neighborhood, it meanders South along Dighton and Somerset’s 18th Century ship building waterfronts, to Brayton’s Point and Swansea’s Gardner’s Neck which juts into Mount Hope Bay. The district ends at the seaside village of Ocean Grove, close to the Rhode Island state line.

The Fifth Bristol District includes historic Somerset and Swansea Villages, Taunton’s Weir Village, original home to one of America’s oldest silver factories , Sweet’s Knoll State Park and a number of ponds, streams and brooks. The district includes the Taunton, Segregansett, Three Mile, Lees and Cole’s Rivers.

The Northwestern portion of the district is predominantly rural and agrarian while the Southern portion is more suburban. The district is home to the Commonwealth’s first agricultural school, Bristol County Agricultural High School and the state’s oldest Quaker Meeting House.